Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Subplot gets wonky as F*%K

Clear Friday, June 19th, for the next Subplot. Introducing Headroom promoters/producers/djs, Jonny Faith and Monk Fly. These guys are sure to bring us fat, glitched-out beats and big, wonky basslines. Just the way we like it.

Jonny Faith, originally from Edinburgh, and now based in Sydney, loves to play head-melding beats. Not that genre really matters, but to give you an idea of what Jonny Faith has in store, his style falls somewhere between percussive Hip-Hop and wobbly, atmospheric, Dubstep. If you’ve listened to 2SER 107.3fm on a Friday night, you’ve probably heard these guys play. If you haven’t, make sure you tune in on Friday nights from 10.30pm to 12am.

Check out Jonny Faith’s Beat Research.

Monk Fly is Headroom’s other half. The Sydney based DJ/producer is a self-confessed lover of “abstract, picture-based beats”. He takes a bit of a harder edge in Dubstep than Jonny Faith, and that’s what makes their sounds work so well together, they each take over from where the other left off, and then completely wonk it the other way. You may have also heard of Monk Fly’s boutique Sydney based record label The Frequency Lab, dedicated to “local left-field beats”. Well worth checking out.

Hear Monk Fly’s FBI midday mixup

We are really excited to have the guys from Headroom wonk up the place this Friday 19th of June. And just like last time, Subplot is playing upstairs at the Brighton Hotel.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Subplot Group on Facebook

If you're not a member of our facebook group already, please jump on board. That way we can keep you up to date with any new dates and new mixes etc.

The cherry has been well and truely popped!

Hi there. Just wanted to put out a big thank you for all who made it last Friday. It was a killer night with much more of a turn out than we could have hoped for. So thanks for coming along and supporting.

We will be making this a monthly night, so keep the 19th June free. More details to come.

In celebration of Fridays success, I've put together a new mix for all that are interested. Enjoy.

Portrait - Subplot Promo Mix

1) Japan Lingers - Portrait
2) Dark Passenger - Seven
3) Phantom - F
4) Vancouver - Martyn
5) Attack of the Giant Robot Spiders - Pinch
6) Mya Rave - Boxcutter
7) Octa - Ital Tek
8) South London Boroughs - Burial
9) 2 Far Gone vs Curious - Kode 9
10) Krdl t grv - Martyn
11) In Motion - Headhunter
12) The Untitled Dub - F
13) Put You Down - TRG
14) The Fall Peverelist Mix - STP
15) Midnight Oil - Pinch
16) Phase One - F
17) Percression - Skream
18) Den Of Drumz - Kode 9, Badawi
19) Ruptured Surgeon Mix - Scuba
20) Dream Cargo - L.V.
21) Black Hammer - Mille & Andrea
22) Channel Two - 2562
23) Adachigaharas Theme - Shock One
24) Hyphy - Babylon System
25) Eastern Jam - Chase & Status
26) Bad Trip - Nero
27) Whats Your User - High Rankin
28) Pursistance - Portrait

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Subplot tomorrow!

I'm just listening to Portrait mix a few tunes, and I can't help but think how tomorrow night is going to be insane. After months of talking about it, our first party is about to explode. 

I'll be picking up the pieces with you, very soon.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Death to Junkies!

Disaster strikes! Some fuckwit junkies broke in to Blake's house and stole his as well as his house mate laptops, along with a collection of great tunes. FUCKERS!

So if anyone sees some smacky in a laneway listening to some killer tracks on a black ibook. Feel free to kick them in the face and bring the black ibook back to its rightfull owner.

end rant...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whoooooaaaaaa New Artwork!!!!

Yes that's right, a new pretty colour scheme to commemorate 3 weeks to go!

Good Times.