Monday, June 29, 2009

Subplot is good for Sydney’s environment

Come and check out some sustainable music at the next Subplot. Introducing Prize and Moriarty, our greenest additions to the Subplot family. These guys have been championing Dubstep and Future Beats for some time now. So they definitely won’t be recycling their music.

The only theme for this party is good music. But if you do decide to dress up as a tree, you could maybe get a free drink while you keep any of the light seeping in from Oxford Street. We don’t want any street light tanning our pasty DJs.

Starting out the night is Vanilla Gorilla and his lady-melting beats. At the other end is party man Gilsun, with his crazy late night mash-ups. You’ll also catch Portrait and blablake playing records.

This where we should probably say something about making love to trees.

And this is the third month of Subplot. Which is good enough reason to make this a memorable one. $10 on the door, this 17th of July. Brighton Up Bar.

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